Govt Urged to Use Huduma Namba to Reach Needy

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The government has been urged to use the information provided by wananchi during the Huduma Namba registration to identify the vulnerable members of society who required food relief following the coronavirus pandemic.
The Chairman of Nakuru lobby group, Jesse Karanja said the idea of huduma number was one of the best government policies since it mapped out the employed from the jobless and their status in society.
However, Karanja appealed to the government not to use the past model of distributing food to people, such as using the administrators, since the past record showed how much it was abused and misused by such officials to the detriment of the poor.
“Our government campaigned on the platform of digital and not analogue, so we expect all their services to be digital since they have proved to be more transparent,’’ he stated.
He said the error of sincerity ended in this country in the 1980s, since even the elderly members of society propagate lies and impunity as long as they were bribed, hence the best method of assisting the vulnerable members was by Mpesa.
He added that there wasn’t a human being in the current world who doesn’t know how to use their money to the benefit of their survival and majority of the people have mobile phones.
Karanja also appealed to the Inspector General of Police to dissuade the police from beating people because it was creating a negative image for the police force, when a positive relationship with the public was required most.
By Veronica Bosibori

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