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Greening Malaa area is at top gear

Environmentalists and educationists are working to restore forest cover in the Kaseveni area of Malaa, Matungulu Sub County, following extensive tree destruction.

The initiative is set to shield the community against the harmful effects of floods and mighty winds that have wreaked havoc, sweeping away house roofs and causing diseases such as pneumonia in the area, which is a fast-developing town.

During the launch of the initiative spearheaded by the local Baraka Hawali School on Wednesday, the stakeholders vowed to plant more than 5,000 trees during this rainy season.

Area Chief Thomas Mutua said the bareness of the area is due to massive deforestation by charcoal burners, warning that the cutting of trees in the area will not be tolerated.

“We experience mighty winds, especially in the evenings and nights, which sometimes rip off the roofs of houses. We also get some dust-related infections. Also, floods continue to ravage the area due to the bare land devoid of trees and other vegetation,” said the chief.

Baraka Hawali School Board Chair Chrisphine Oluoch said the institution will distribute free seedlings to the community, adding that they have identified groups that are supplied with seeds and tree seedlings.

Oluoch said they came up with the strategy to facilitate environmental transformation and create a conducive environment for learners and the community as a whole.

“It is in this response that Baraka School has come up with this deliberate programme that gears towards climate change mitigation. We will have community involvement to green the area and increase forest cover,” said Oluoch.

He said they will also encourage the planting of fruit seedlings that will add value to the nutrients required by their children.

By Muoki Charles

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