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Grief as lost child found dead

A sombre mood engulfed Kuruk village in Teso South Sub County Thursday evening after the body of a two-year-old baby, who went missing last Sunday was recovered from a nearby river.

According to the father of the deceased, Andrew Omukaga, the baby disappeared mysteriously on Sunday afternoon but added that the body was recovered by a young boy in River Kuruk last evening.

“On that material day, we took lunch together and I went back to work in the shamba only to be informed later in the evening that my daughter Caren was lost,” he said.

He added that the incident was reported at both Kotur police station and an alert sent out on Emuria FM but there were no clues received by the family on her whereabouts.

Confirming the incident, Koruk village elder Jacob Dindi said that the family had been searching for the baby for the last four days in vain.

“We had even lost hope of getting her, but it is fortunate that her body was discovered by this young boy who had gone bathing in the river,” he said.

By Salome Alwanda



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