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Hate Mongers Risk Being Locked Out of 2022 polls

National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has threatened to block politicians propagating hate speech and divisions from seeking elective positions in 2022 general elections.

Commissioner Wambui Nyutu warned that the body was tracking down politicians deemed to be perpetuating ethnic balkanization with a view to bar them from the coming political contest.

Speaking in Murang’a  last Wednesday, Nyutu who was recently appointed in the commission noted that they will present names of leaders behind hate speech before IEBC so as to bar them from seeking political positions.

The commissioner said some leaders have been propagating ethnic divisions and disunity among Kenyans in total disregard of the law.

“This time NCIC will be very keen and definitely, we will block leaders found using political gatherings to perpetuate hate speech and divisions,” noted Nyutu during a public forum at Kinyona shopping centre.

The constitution, she observed, spells requirements and conditions one has to meet before seeking any elective position.

Nyutu stated that in the past, some leaders have been hiding behind their political parties to clinch elective positions, despite having a past record in spreading hate speech and division.

“Moving forward, NCIC will use its powers to see to it that individuals dividing Kenyans are not only barred from participating in elections, but also face the full force of law,” she added.

“All politicians are therefore advised to convene peaceful forums and unite Kenyans instead of dividing them along ethnic lines,” said Nyutu.

Meanwhile, in the past NCIC has been unable to tame politicians abusing their positions to spread hate speech and divisions.

However, the commissioner reiterated that this time round, they will not hesitate to take legal action against all those found propagating hate speech.

Nyutu who previously served as a Director of the National Irrigation Board said that before she left her former position, she had secured a Sh500 million irrigation project for the people of Ng’inda ward, Murang’a County.

The commissioner said the project earmarked to benefit 3,000 households is targeting to improve food security in the area, with the first phase of the project earmarked for February 28 at a cost Sh250 million.

“All plans are complete to commission the irrigation project at Ng’inda which will promote horticulture and dairy farming in the area,” she added.

The project is in line with President’s Big 4 Agenda in improving food security, especially in some parts of Murang’a which receive minimal rains.


By Bernard Munyao and Aurelia Wanjiru

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