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Health officials on high alert following cholera outbreak

Public Health officials in the border town of Moyale in Marsabit County are on high alert to avert cholera outbreak.

The measures include confiscating food from hawkers, inspecting eating places due to the dangers posed by food prepared in unhygienic places and inspection of water being used to wash utensils.

Moyale central division Public Health Officer Roba Iya while speaking to KNA in his office Thursday said there was an outbreak of cholera in Nairobi and other parts of the country, thus the need to lay strategies to avert an outbreak of the disease in the area.

Roba at the same time dismissed as false speculations recently circulated in the social media to the effect that cholera cases had been recorded in the area.

However, he clarified that some residents had been diagnosed with diarrhea and not cholera, a situation that has since been brought under control.

The public health official said his department was conducting massive campaigns by training local residents on the importance of boiling or treating drinking water and ensuring they wash their hands before eating and after visiting latrines.

He advised people to seek medical attention immediately should they experience vomiting or diarrhea.

At the same time, Roba called on the local residents to liaise with the public health office so as to get supplies of chlorine tabs to treat their drinking water.

By Gatana Muchira

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