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Heavy rains in Moyale cause havoc in different parts of the Sub-County

Several residents of Gorbo Division in Moyale have been left homeless following torrential rains which have been pounding Moyale since Wednesday last  week.

Property of an unknown amount has been destroyed, including houses which have been washed away by flash floods following the diversion of drainage to some villages by a contractor who is tarmacking the road from Oddha to Banisa

Former  Dabel  Ward Councilor, Alio  Tepo  while talking to KNA on phone said residents have already started facing a big shortage of food as the road linking Moyale town to Dabel Township and surrounding areas is impassable.

“It’s particularly bad in Gorbo division where all waters flowing from Moyale towns of Kenya and Ethiopia flows and also from Bori Junction which has been notorious before the main Moyale -Marsabit highway was tarmacked,” Alio said.

The  former councilor appealed to the county and national government and well-wishers to look for a lasting solution to end the woes of residents every rainy season.

“These governments both the county and the national government should look for a lasting solution and consider constructing culverts to channel the storm waters and prevent destruction of the roads linking Moyale town and other towns in Gorbo division where all the waters from Moyale town and the neighbouring country of Ethiopia flow to,” Alio said.

The former councillor said many vehicles which were moving from or heading towards Moyale town are stuck on the roads because the flash floods have washed away the drifts constructed.

Heavy rains that started in Moyale last week have left many homes marooned and inaccessible especially in Gorbo division where the residents are experiencing acute hardships to cook, some animals have drowned and there is fear of contracting water borne diseases, Pneumonia and Malaria.

Most of the houses which have been constructed with mud are on the verge of collapsing following seepage of the flash floods.

Moyale town residents have also started feeling the pinch; a pit latrine in one of the government quarters has also sunk.

A  civil servant living in the quarters, who sought anonymity said that they have been left without a toilet because the one  which has sunken has been serving around three houses occupied by civil servants.

By  Gatana  Muchira

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