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Heavy rains pound Mombasa

Heavy  rains  pounded Mombasa County causing flooding that left scores of residents in low-lying areas marooned in  their  homes.

The  rains  that  started  on  Wednesday  evening have left residents in low lying areas trapped and battling the floods  entering  their  homes.

Reports  from  Ziwani, Kwa Bulo area of Kisauni Sub County indicated a middle aged man drowned after he attempted  to  swim  across fast moving waters.

His remains were later recovered by the county disaster response team who took the body to the coast general hospital mortuary.

The incessant rains that affected several parts of the seaside city largely kept people indoors and completely inundated market areas, shopping centres, bus stages and submerged business premises and houses.

Residents  interviewed  by KNA blamed the flooding problem to lack of proper drainage in the town as the water did not  recede in most areas causing vehicular traffic.

The  downpour  affected those going to work ,going out to the beaches and out for shopping as it left them stranded as Tuk  Tuk (Three wheeler taxis) that are the preferred mode of transport in the town centre did a roaring business.

Edward  Ngure, the County Director of Meteorology said the region will receive light rain increasing to moderate this week  in most places of the county.

He said  flash floods can occur in low lying areas, areas with clogged drainage and areas with unfilled and abandoned quarries.

“Flash floods may lead to transport problems especially in areas where the roads become impassable when it rains
inconveniencing motorists and pedestrians,” he said.

He  went on “heavy rains will be accompanied with strong winds off shore which may result in storm surge in the ocean”. Consequently,  Ngure cautioned fishermen, beach goers and all in the marine sector to be on high alert.

Meanwhile, business is booming for umbrella retailers, a spot check by KNA show.

The  selling prices of umbrellas in most areas of the coastal city have increased following the heavy downpours as traders capitalise on the incessant rains.

Umbrellas  fetching previously shs.200 is now retailing at shs.400 as traders take advantage of the heavy rains pounding  the region.

The  survey show that with umbrella retailers making good business other hawkers who used to sell other products have changed with the ‘times’ and started vending umbrellas at bus stations and estates.

By  Hussein  Abdullahi

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