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Herdsmen injured in gun battle over water

Two  people  sustained gunshot injuries after two groups of herders reportedly clashed over a pool of water at  Arapal area in Loiyangalani sub-county of Marsabit county  on Sunday.

The herders suffered bullet wounds in their arms following a disagreement over the control of a livestock watering point.

The  Marsabit  County Commissioner (CC), Gilbert  Kitiyo said a youthful herdsman suffered a broken hand while another sustained  soft tissue bullet wounds after both were shot in the arms.

Kitiyo  said that the fight erupted after the two groups differed over the ownership of a water pool situated at an

administrative border.

“Preliminary investigations show  that  the herders  exchanged  fire rivaling over the water that collected following the  minimal rains received in the area recently,” said the CC.

The  CC  said that the government was currently carrying out investigation to establish whether guns in the hands of national police reservists (NPRs) were being used in criminal activities.

He  added that a security team has been dispatched to the area with a view to establishing whether the guns that were used were illegally owned or are those issued to reservists.

“Should the investigation establish that any of the NPRs’ guns was misused then I can assure you the repercussions will be very dire,” he warned.

Consequently, if guns used were in wrong hands, the government would hunt down the culprits for recovery and prosecution of suspects.

Kitiyo cautioned that no chance will be availed to anybody to engage in hostile activities as that would negate gains made in peace building efforts in the county.

He called on the residents to maintain peace and continue coexisting in harmony with each other.

The government was currently assessing how those affected by drought could be assisted with Kitiyo appealing for amicable sharing of available grazing resources.

By  Sebastian  Miriti

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