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Hola Township to be transformed to a municipality

Plans to transform Hola Township in Tana River County into municipality with a radius of 21kms from the current 10kms are underway.

Speaking to the press in his office on Thursday, the Tana River Urban Planning County Director, Mohamed Mwatunza said the planned developments are designed in a manner that will not displace the residents living in the area covered.

“The transformation plans are aimed at improving the livelihoods of the residents and bring development to the area, there will be no displacements. It’s all about improving the environment they live in, to meet urbanization status,” Mwatunza said.

The  Director  urged the residents to embrace the development plans, for all is aimed at improving their living standards.

Mwatuza  said the transformation is a development strategy the County and National Governments have in place, to meet the United Nation’s Infrastructure and Urban Development Industry Vision 2050.

“The UN  Vision 2050, on urbanization anticipates 50 per cent of the world’s population to be living in urban centres by 2050. These are plans the County and National governments have in order to accomodate the new shift towards urbanization,” the Director added.

He also said that Hola town transformation was also in accordance with the requirement of the Kenya Urban Support Programme (KUSP) that every county in Kenya must have at least one municipality.

Mwatuza  added that more people are moving from rural areas to urban centres, and the transformation was a plan to accommodate the population.

The project is sponsored by the National government’s Kenya Urban Support Programme.

By  Felix  Mulu/Simon  Guruba

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