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Homa Bay signs affordable housing project deal

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) signed an Agreement on Affordable Housing Project (AHP) with the County Government of Homa Bay for the construction of 400 affordable housing units

Speaking at the office of the County Governor, NHC Chairman Ngene Gituku said that the project will avail decent and affordable houses to the locals to enable them to live in a conducive environment.

He said that the project will spur other economic developments within the county.

The construction of the 400 units is set to commence later this month in a ground breaking ceremony expected to be done by the president William Ruto.

Gituku promised that the construction will be completed within the stipulated time as stipulated in the agreement.

“Homa Bay affordable housing project is the first project under the new administration and we will work together as a team to ensure that we deliver the best. We must ensure that the final work is a masterpiece that can be used as a reference across the country. We as NHC promise to deliver our roles professionally within the stipulated time,” said Gituku

NHC Acting Managing Director Dr Patrick Bucha reiterated that the construction of the project will be done in phases with Phase 1 set to begin before the end of the month.

“The project whose agreement we have just signed is for the construction of 400 units which will be rolled out in phases with phase I to commence later this month and will see the construction of 110 units under sector A,” Bucha said.

“In line with the government’s Affordable Housing Programme, the corporation is committed to delivery of quality human settlements. It is a conviction that we not only put a roof over heads but we construct houses with access to clean water, electricity, and sanitation,” said Bucha.

The units’ design will accommodate various family setups, including one, two, and three bedroomed units, and singles. Other integrated developments facilities like recreational facilities will also be available therein.

The Director further said that the project will not only stir housing demand but will also stimulate development and employment opportunities among the locals.

On her part Governor Gladys Wanga said that her administration is fully in support of the initiative as it will assist in solving the acute housing problem that the county is facing.

“My administration is fully in support of this initiative that will help us cut down on the suffering of our residents, more so to the urban dwellers who have suffered due to lack of decent homes in Homa Bay Town,” she said.

The County Boss said that her administration has established a full-fledged department that will assist in dealing with the housing and urban development programme. A Committee which will also include an accounting officer who will provide a bankable solution on how the county can resolve the housing challenge.

She said that the opportunity is not only in Homa Bay town but also in other Sub-Counties within Homa Bay County. “We have opportunities not just in Homa Bay but also in Ndhiwa, Mbita, Oyugis, Kendu Bay and other Sub-County in Homa Bay which are growing rapidly,” she said.

Wanga said that the county government is considering partnering with financial institutions to create facilities that can be available on a check-off plan through a mortgage facility to enable staff to purchase the affordable houses.

The Governor pleaded with the NHC to give locals the first priority when recruiting workers and suppliers of materials for the project and also in the acquisition of the houses in order for the county to acquire maximum benefit from the programme.

By Sitna Omar

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