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Honesty is the hallmark of business

The  business fraternity has been urged to prepare well for the post covod-19 pandemic period and inculcate values in their daily transactions, since mutual trust and customer care, would have a huge impact in recouping lost opportunities.

The Chairman of Small Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nakuru County, Johnson Ndegwa said the greatest misdoing of most business enterprises in the country has been lack of accountability to their customers, which suppressed their expansion regionally.

“Honesty starts with whether you treat your customers with respect or you are only trying to make money using the fastest mean possible. Every time l see hawkers packaging good eight tomatoes or oranges and intentionally adding two rotten ones in the middle, l know their growth is instantly curtailed,’’ said Ndegwa.

The Chairman, speaking to KNA at his Viwanda office in Nakuru on Saturday, said he has watched with sadness, the high number of restaurants, butcheries and grocery stores, collapsing within a short time due to deceitful behaviour by their operators.

He said every time a new restaurant or butchery is opened, customers normally rush there to sample good services and fresh food, but as the numbers rise the deception game begins, and in less than three years the facility disappears from the scene.

He claimed that many people in Nakuru town prefer eating in makeshift vibandas, where they have a chance to watch as the food is being prepared and ensure that its freshness.

Ndegwa urged the business community to prepare for the ‘new normal’ in the face of covid-19, which has brought more competition than ever since, big or small businesses have been reduced to the same level by the recent closures and stay at home orders.

By  Veronica  Bosibori

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