Houses Submerged in Water

The  Nominated Member of Parliament, David Sankok address the press on flash floods on Monday December 30, 2019. Photo by KNA.
Simon Lemanshon, a resident of Olongerin area in Narok South Sub County address the media after their houses were submerged in water on Monday December 30, 2019. Photo by KNA.

About ten families living in Olongerin area near Ewaso Nyiro Trading Centre in Narok South Sub County have fled from their homes after their houses were submerged in flash floods.

Property  worthy thousands of shillings was also destroyed as crops in the farms and foods in the houses were completely destroyed by the waters.

According  to the residents, they have been forced to move to look for shelter in higher grounds as the area continues to experience heavy down pour.

“I had harvested several bags of maize and beans and put them in store but unfortunately all is lost as it has been submerged in water. We are left without anything to eat or anywhere to sleep,” lamented  Simon Lemanshon, a resident of the area.

He called on the local leaders to visit the area and help in giving foodstuff and beddings saying no leader had bothered to visit them since their houses submerged over the weekend.

“We feel neglected by the leaders we elected in office. Despite this place being very accessible through Ewaso Nyiro- Maasai Mara road, not even our Member of County Assembly has bothered to call on us,” he lamented

Another resident, Jackson Ole Taarus said he does not know any other place to call home but the flooded area wondering where they would go next.

“I kindly ask the government to intervene as we were born here and have nowhere else to call home. Some of us had even taken loans to do farming, buy livestock and improve houses only for the rains to destroy everything in a few days,” said Ole Taarus.

The Nominated Member of Parliament representing Persons living with Disability, David Sankok  asked the government to prioritize constructing a mega dam in the area to tame the water that goes to waste.

“The Ministry of Water should consider building mega water pans and dams so that we can control this runoff water to help us in future. Sometime this area is hit by drought leaving residents to search for water in very far areas,” said the nominated MP.

Sankok asked the residents to take advantage of the season to plant trees in a bid to reduce the speed of the water.

“Nature is never forgiving, if you destroy it, it will hit you back harder. I call on residents not to cut trees but plant more trees to conserve our environment,” he said.

Heavy rains are still pounding the area with Meteorology department advising residents to be cautious as the county is expected to continue receiving

.The  County Director of Meteorology,  Peter Runanu advised residents in flood prone areas to be careful and move to safer grounds to avoid being swept by flash floods.

By  Ann  Salaton

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