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Narosoora residents get water

Narosoora residents in Narok South have benefitted from a Sh. 24million water project funded by the World Bank in conjunction with the Regional Pastoralists Livelihoods Resilience Programme.
The residents of the drought prone can now sigh with relief after receiving the water project that will help build resilience among the pastoralists.
The project is funded under IGAD Drought Resistance and Sustainability Initiative (IDDRSI)
Speaking during the launch of the project on Friday, the Regional Pastoralists Livelihoods Resilience Programme team leader, James Tendwa said they have managed to construct and complete a borehole and a water pan that is estimated to hold 26,000 cubic meters of water equivalent to 26 million liters of water.
The water pan is also estimated to serve over 5,000 residents, over 20,000 livestock and 6,000 wild animals.
Narok County Livestock Chief officer Mr. Willy Loigero thanked the world bank for funding the projects ,saying livestock vaccination at Narosoora was becoming an expensive activity for veterinary officers as the animals keep on contracting diseases because of constant movement in search of water and pasture.
By Mabel Keya – Shikuku

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