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Hundreds of birth certificates remain uncollected at Huduma centre

Birth  certificates have been piling up at Murang’a Huduma Centre following owners’ failure to collect them as soon as they are processed.

According to the Centre Manager, Henry Kaminda more than 600 birth certificates are waiting collection by owners.

Kaminda noted that most of the documents belong to children and wondered why concerned parents have declined to collect them.

“We usually witness a huge number of parents especially at the beginning of the year coming to apply for birth certificates. It seems some residents do not see the importance of having the document until when they are forced to produce them for a particular service,” posed Kaminda.

He noted that they have been using Interior ministry administrators like chiefs and their assistants to inform locals so that they can pick the certificates, adding the mode has not borne much fruits.

“Officers from Huduma Centre have also been attending public barazas to inform applicants to collect the birth certificates. We hope before the end of the year all the certificates will have been collected,” he added.

The manager who is also an Assistant County Commissioner noted that the government is in the process of rolling out Huduma Namba registration phase two noting that children without birth certificate will face a challenge while being registered.

By  Eveline Njeri/ Bernard Munyao

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