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Hundreds of students stranded as schools closes in haste

Following  Presidential Directive that all leaning institutions close down to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, hundreds of students seeking to travel home faced hard time in getting means of transport in Nyahururu town.

Students  thronged major terminals  on Wednesday within the town as early as 7am, after being dropped by their school buses, however, they were treated to a rude shock not to find transport home as most of the Public Service Vehicles were not at the stage, having already left for the day’s business hence forcing them to wait.

Most students had already booked and paid for their tickets by the time we were going to press but their vehicle numbers did not match those at the stage, indicating that they were to wait for vehicles from other destinations to arrive.

“I already have a ticket here, but it reads almost seven vehicles after the one in line now, this means I will be here till late in the afternoon and I am travelling far,” said Mary Muthoni from New Dawn Secondary School.

Wilfred Kimotho, who is the National Chairman of 4NTE Sacco, said that their management was moving fast to ensure that the delay was resolved, adding that majority of their vehicles were on their way and the traffic would be cleared by afternoon.

“We anticipated this crisis but we could not do much on the short notice, we are trying to contain the situation by mobilizing all our vehicles to ensure that all students get home in good time,” said Kimotho.

Asked whether they knew why sanitizers and cleaning water was being provided at the terminal, many of the students said they were aware of the current situation globally and would join the world in exercising caution to curb spread of the Coronavirus.

“I have been reading a lot on the newspapers and also our teachers have briefed us on the Covid -19, being stranded here is causing anxiety but we are happy they have provided sanitizing agents,’’ said Samuel Nderitu, a student from Nyahururu High School.


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