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State urged to Prioritize graduates in “Hustler Fund”.

Kitale National Polytechnic Chief Principal John Otieno Akollah has called on the National Government to consider students who have qualified from the Technical Training Education for the hustlers’ fund as a startup kit.

Speaking during the launch of a 51 seater bus for students and a 14 van for the staff, Mr. Otieno applauded the establishment of the hustler funds kitty, saying if disbursed efficiently it would help the qualified students from the TVET institutions create job opportunities for themselves.

The chief principal appreciated the effort of the government through the Ministry of Education for the support of ensuring that the Technical institutions in the country flourish through the capitation school fees programmes saying it is one of the factors that have enabled the institutions to procure the two vehicles.

Mr. Akola added that the National Polytechnic is producing well qualified students with the technical know- how which will enable them get absorbed into job market.

Mr. Otieno added that due to the limited resources and facilities in the institutions, the vehicle will assist the students in travelling to various parts of this country for their attachment practices.

Otieno stated that the increase in the number of students registering for the TVET courses at the institutions has posed a great challenge in transportation of the students for the attachments and also the teachers for official duties.

Trans Nzoia Technical training education stakeholders have called on the national government to increase its funding for the technical institutions across the country for infrastructural development due to the high enrollment for the technical courses.

Kitale National Polytechnic student council leader Tanganyika Simiyu appreciated the ministry’s move saying that academic and co-curricular trips will now be well coordinated activities.

By Kosuri Valarie


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