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ICT Authority, Microsoft sign MoU to enhance government’s digital transformation

The ICT Authority has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft in a ceremony that was witnessed by the State Department for ICT & the Digital Economy Principal Secretary Eng John Tanui.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ICTA and Microsoft East Africa Limited (Microsoft) seeks to enhance Kenya’s digital transformation and is centered around assisting the Kenyan Government in achieving the Kenyan Digital Economy Blueprint objectives.

Microsoft will engage the National Government, Ministries, Departments and Agencies through ICTA in a joint working framework which is expected to be finalised in February 2024.

Under the MoU, Microsoft will assist the Government with the responsibility of adopting a Cloud-First strategy, transforming public service delivery through the adoption of technology and improving efficiencies in provision of e-government services for citizens.

Speaking during the event, PS Tanui lauded ICTA and Microsoft for their partnership, terming it as a vital approach towards the acceleration of the country’s digital economy which has already made major milestones.

“As a country, we have laid the foundation for a conducive digital economy environment which requires stakeholders like you to use in developing our sector. So far, we have managed to digitise over 14,000 government services and this partnership is crucial in seeing more developing our digital economy.” he said.

The PS urged the two institutions to support local innovators and startups through their framework.

On his part, Stanley Kamanguya, CEO of the ICT Authority highlighted that the partnership with Microsoft had come at the right time in advancing the country’s digital transformation agenda.

“I would like to thank Microsoft for this engagement which has come at the right time. We believe that towards the end of this partnership, we shall enhance our cybersecurity awareness, enhance our digital skills and develop key technology areas for a vibrant digital sector.”

Stanley Kamanguya, CEO of the ICT Authority, Phyllis Migwi, Country Manager of Microsoft exchange a Memorandum of Understanding on the enhancement of the government’s digital transformation as Principal Secretary, State Department of ICT and Digital Economy, Eng. John Tanui (center), Kunle Awosika, Head of Public Sector in Africa at Microsoft and others look on.

Kamanguya noted that through the collaboration, they will be able to contribute to the development of digital skills, among other ICT pillars, further ensuring a thriving digital economy.

Kunle Awosika, Head of Public Sector in Africa at Microsoft noted that Microsoft was glad to enter in the partnership which will seek to create an open and enabling environment for Government departments in order for them to make technology and cloud platform choices through ICTA.

He said, “Through the framework agreement which will be developed, we look forward to ensure that this MoU becomes fruitful for the mutual benefits of our institutions.”

On her part, Phyllis Migwi, Country Manager of Microsoft in Kenya welcomed the partnership and noted that they shall seek to work together with ICTA to promote the government’s agenda on the digital economy.

“As a leader in the tech space in Kenya, Microsoft is very glad to sign this MoU and for us, we are looking forward to see how we shall bring the full power of Microsoft services and products to the government for mutual benefit. Having operated in Kenya for over 20 years, we believe that this partnership will enhance the digital transformation agenda,” she said.

The ICT Authority is tasked with rationalising and streamlining the management of all the Government’s ICT functions.

By Hamdi Buthul

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