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ICT CAS Launches Girl Empowerment Campaign

The Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of ICT, Innovations and Youth Affairs Nadia Abdallah has launched a campaign that aims at empowering girls from marginalized communities.

The “Ndoto Halisi” campaign by the office of CAS Abdallah and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is meant to tell the story of transformative change from the perspective of a girl from marginalized community who dared to dream, believed in her dream and eventually her dreams come true.

Speaking during the launch of the campaign and a book titled “Of Dreams and Whatever,” CAS Abdallah said that the campaign would serve as a motivation to young girls to overcome barriers they face in daring to achieve their dreams.

“A lot of times in our society we are always fed with the idea that we can only be just who society allows us to be. But a girl like me took a chance to do whatever needed to be done to be able to encourage and empower other girls. “Ndoto Halisi” means your dreams are valid,” said Ms. Abdallah.

Principal Secretary (PS) State Department of Broadcasting and Telecommunication Esther Koimett (L) and Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Innovation and Youth Affairs Nadia Abdalla during the launch of #Ndotohalisi campaign and “Of Dreams and Whatever”, a publication by CAS Nadia Abdallah, at the Sarova White sands Beach Hotel, Mombasa. Photos by Andrew Hinga.

Abdallah said that she saw the need to pair the launch of Ndoto Halisi with her book that talks about her journey and dream of becoming a mentor and empower other girls who aspired to be just like her.

At least 500 girls from marginalized communities will benefit from the book as free copies will be availed to therm.

On her part, Principal Secretary State Department of Broadcasting and Telecommunication Esther Koimett expressed her joy on the tremendous achievement the CAS has made at such a young age.

She extolled Abdallah for being a young woman of a positive attitude and an attitude of service to humanity through ethos of public service.

“I have seen her go to the grassroots and talk to young people, listen to them and inspire them. A belief in herself and the spirit that says I can do it, not waiting to be told. Nadia is one of those people and it does not at all surprise me that at such a young age, she has already written a book and is actively involved in starting youth programmes that resonate well with, and speaking to the youth. I note with pride that her brain child adopted programme ‘Kenya ni mimi’ has now been adopted and mainstreamed by the government,” said Koimett.

The PS also thanked all the stakeholders who contributed to the launch of the Ndoto Halisi campaign that brought together more than 200 women and girls from marginalized communities, government officials, friends from outside Kenya and development partners to amplify the voices of girls and women empowerment champions which both the campaign and the book hoped to inspire.

She urged fellow women to be good in delivering their maternal role saying that women have a great role in the society as mothers, nurtures, drivers of the economy and the solid base on which families stand.

“I want to tell you Nadia that you are a role model for all of us. You remind us of the true spirit of public service, the fact that we can purposefully participate and make meaningful contributions in the public offices we are called to serve in, and we can do it with a cheer. In my opinion, you embody the story of the Hummingbird that was told by Wangari Mathai,” added Koimett.

Dr. Ademola Olajide, UNFPA representative said that girls make 50 percent of the population thus their empowerment is crucial for any positive transformation of the society.

“We believe through telling a story, we can inspire young girls and help them be able to work towards achieving their dreams,” he said.

By Chari Suche


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