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ICT Talent cultivation report launched

Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs Cabinet Secretary (CS) Joe Mucheru has lauded Huawei Technologies Kenya and UNESCO for launching their first ever report on ICT talent cultivation for Kenya’s Digital Economy.

The CS said that the report on ICT Talent Cultivation for Kenya’s Digital Economy will provide relevant findings on the situation of local ICT talent development as well as clear guidelines and recommendations to better improve existing programs.

Speaking at a Nairobi hotel during the launch of the report Mucheru termed the report timely especially with the accelerated growth of the digital economy and the digital transformation of industries.

He also said that the National Broadband Strategy that aims at transforming Kenya into a knowledge based economy will support the Kenya’s efforts to increase digital literacy and use of online services.

“As citizens, we take pride in the fact that Kenya is a regional leader in terms of broadband connectivity, general ICT infrastructure, mobile money and mobile banking services,” he said.

He said that Kenya’s economy is expected to grow by 33 percent over the next five years adding, “As such, through programs such as the Ajira Digital program, we have been able to equip1.2 million youth so far with the relevant skills to seek employment opportunities from anywhere across the world and thereby contribute to the growing economy.”

In his remarks, University of Nairobi VC, Prof Stephen Kiama, highlighted that building a framework in digital skills and leveraging on the tremendous opportunities for technology will help the country to improve education quality and accessibility.

Kiama noted that the development of the ICT industry will greatly drive the digital economy which remains the epicenter of development of other sectors of the economy.

He reiterated that the University of Nairobi values and recognizes strong collaborations with Huawei and UNESCO and is willing to continue partnering in areas of common interest.

On her part, the Deputy CEO, Huawei, Fiona Pan, noted that the company remains committed to bridging the digital gap, nurturing local ICT talent, providing inclusive and equitable opportunities for all people, working with partners through ICT Innovations, and contributing to the development of the society they operate in.

She said Huawei ICT Academy, has partnered with over 60 institutions of higher learning to provide students with training and certifications on new technologies such as 5G, AI, IoT, and Cloud, hence improving their skill and also their employability.

By Hamdi Mohamud

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