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IEBC officials caught tampering with ballot boxes

Tallying of votes at the Kajiado East Constituency Tallying Center was briefly halted as Emakoko Primary School polling station presiding officer and her deputy were caught marking ballot papers.

Acting on intelligence that ballot papers were being tampered with, UDA party agents quickly searched through the Moi Girls Isinya Tallying Center compound and found the two tampering with the ballot papers.

“We found the two inside a personal vehicle. They were marking blank ballot papers for the Woman Representative position,” Michael Tiampati, a UDA party agent said.

Tiampati revealed that the two had opened the ballot box for the Woman Rep ballot papers and were substituting the marked papers.

UDA Woman Representative candidate Leah Sankaire demanded that operations at the tallying center be stopped since credibility of the exercise could not be guarenteed anymore.

Isinya Area police boss Ancient Kaloki and area DCI Jeremiah Ndubai confirmed the incident and said the two officers are in their custody for the election offence of tampering with ballot boxes.

The tallying center returning officer Samuel Chacha confirmed that the other five ballot boxes haven’t been tampered with and tallying will continue in the center as he has handed over the tampered ballot boxes and the officers to the police.

By Diana Meneto

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