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IG promises to eradicate Insecurity in Igembe North

Residents of Igembe North expressed a sigh of relief after a security meeting was held on Monday at Bulu, Mutuati Division, Igembe Central, to discuss how to curb insecurity cases experienced for a long time in the area.

Speaking to members of the public at Bulu, Mutuati Igembe North, the Inspector General of Police, Japhet Koome, assured members of the public that more security apparatus will be deployed in the region to tame the insecurity, which has seen several bandit attacks in the recent past.

He noted that security agents are tirelessly working hard to fight the bandits at the border of Isiolo and Meru, and so far, they have managed to recover 81 of the raided cattle.

The security boss explained that they will deploy the security machinery to deal with the menace once and for all. He further expressed the government’s commitment to weed out the perpetuators of insecurity.

This follows last week’s banditry attack, where five people lost their lives and others were injured. “We will not rest until peace and tranquility are restored in the entire region,” said Koome.

The IG was flanked by the area MP, Julius Taitumu, and his counterpart, Dan Kiili of Igembe Central, among other entourages.

They appealed to members of the public to still maintain peace and coexist harmoniously, with the MPs assuring the public that the raided cattle were retraced and the government’s commitment to end insecurity in the area was fulfilled.

The MPs called on the members of the public to embark on their economic activities and not live in terror, for the presence of the IG in the area was a guarantee that heinous acts of attack were a thing of the past.

By Isaiah Mutharimi and Edith Mwendwa

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