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Illegal weapons recovered in volatile land

About 526 bows, 1,120 arrows and three spears have been surrendered to the government by two warring communities in the volatile Oloorwasi land in Narok South Sub County.
Addressing the media in his office Thursday, Narok county commissioner Samuel Kimiti said the initiative will help in restoring peace in the area where nine people were killed, 15 seriously injured and over 20 houses burnt.
The Maasai and Kipsigis communities engaged in fresh war last week after the loss of a cow belonging to the Kipsigis community.
While thanking the locals for surrendering illegal weapons, the county commissioner assured the residents that the government had deployed enough security personnel in the area.
“We encourage the young men who are at home because of this Covid-19 pandemic to engage in profitable activities like farming instead of engaging in wars,” said Kimiti.
He said his office has already invited the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to initiate peace programmed in the volatile land in order to see the warring communities live in harmony.
The county commissioner called upon the village elders to register of households, which have not returned the weapons warning that they risk forceful disarmament and arrest.
Kimiti said his office will mentor the young boys in the area who have been involved in war so as to grow up with a positive mind in life.
“It is worrying that some small boys are involved in the conflicts. This is too disturbing as they are still very young. They need a lot of counseling and guidance to grow to be responsible men and women in the society,” he said.
Kimiti who was flanked by his security team asked the residents of Nkararo area in Trans Mara West Sub county, where the government has imposed an extended dawn to dusk curfew to follow suit and return any arms in their possession.
“I want to promise the people of Nkararo that we will not lift the extended curfew from 4pm to 7am until they return all the guns in their possession,” he reiterated.
By Ann Salaton

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