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People with disabilities require fair treatment

The inclusion of people with disabilities into everyday activities could enhance their participation in society, which is fundamental in the implementation of the Big four agenda.
The County Director for Gender, Youth and Culture, Mrs. Alice Gekonde said people with disabilities require fair treatment and systems to enable them to use their potential to be independent, and give them a voice, and control over their lives.
She said disabled people were “differently enabled” and their participation in community activities depends on their ability to manage everyday tasks and it was the role of society to ensure that they were supported in their endeavours.
This, she noted, would easily be achieved through assistive technologies which could enable them to participate in many activities.
She added that there were currently many changes in schools to ease their lives, including Braille, large print, and audio books.
The director said there was a need for modification of the public transport system to enable the disabled to move freely without requesting assistance from strangers. Floor spaces and hallways should be free of equipment and other barriers.
She urged communities to show total acceptance of disabled people and especially children adding that the constitution guarantees them the same rights and opportunities as other people.
Gekonde stated that shouldering the needs of the disabled should never be viewed as a charity since it’s the price to pay to ensure positive changes in national values and principles envisaged in the constitution.
She added that societies which have empowered their disabled people end up achieving economic dividends which make their countries attain respect and positive images.
By Veronica Bosibori

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