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Invest more in students’ talents- national government urged

National Government through the Ministry of Education and the Kenya Film Classification Board KFCB has been urged to invest more in students’talents.
Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala said both houses of parliament were ready to ensure that they come up with bills and policies that will provide a favourable environment for students’ talent development at a tender age.
Malala was speaking at Kibabii University in Bungoma County on Wednesday during the official start of the 60th edition of the Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals.
According to Senator Malala national assembly members and senators were keen on ensuring that talent development amongst students was given first priority as it can help a lot in reducing the high numbers of youth to be empowered economically.
Malala stated that all the documentation done at the festivals should be showcased at international platforms and even sold to the local film industry hence use the accrued wealth to assist students in paying for their school fees.
Also present was the Director Field Co- Ordination and Co –Curricular Activities Patrick Khaemba and the James Indimuli an Executive Secretary of the National co –coordinating committee of the festival who said the government was keen on ensuring that students embrace their cultural diversities for a cohesive nation.
Their sentiments were echoed by the Ambassador of the Festival Walter Mong’are from the Presidential Delivery Unit who said the government had plans of tracking the talents of the students for a period of the next 15 years for continued mentorship and nurturing of their talents.
This year’s festival theme is “Promoting moral responsibility among the youth through theatre and film.”
The national drama and film festival chairman, Prof. CJ Odhiambo said this was the first time the festival was being held in a university and in Bungoma county outside the former provincial headquarters in a bid to embrace the spirit of devolution.
The national drama and film festivals started on Wednesday and will run to upto April 3,2019 at Kibabii University, Kijana Wamalwa high school and Kibabii diploma teachers’ college.
By Maureen Imbayi

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