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Increased effluence to Lake Nakuru

The fast growth of Nakuru town has increased the amount of effluence into Lake Nakuru National Park due to poor management of domestic and industrial toxic waste which is threatening its eco-system.

Joseph Endebe a Senior Research Scientists at the Lake Nakuru National Park.

A Senior Research Scientists at the Park Joseph Endebe said the increased population has contributed to illegal extensions of one-roomed houses at adjacent estates that were not connected to the main sewerage line.

He said the flooding waters in the town, due to clogged drainage systems, mixed with domestic effluent and drained into the park and that endangers the animals because they end up feeding on contaminated vegetation.

He noted that the situation has been made worse by a treatment plant at river Njoro which dumps its solid and liquid industrial waste containing heavy metals into the lake affecting the health of the animals.

Endebe urged the Nakuru County government to appreciate the role the park has played in popularizing the town as a vital tourist destination and improve on the management of its waste.

He said that the hilly terrain of the town made it easier for any garbage on the surface to easily flow to the park which is situated at the lower end.

While speaking to KNA today during an interview at the park, the researcher stated that the rising waters in the Rift Valley lakes were not restricted to the area since the river Nile has risen by 17 metres due to increased rains in the region.

By Veronica Bosibori

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