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Independence party branch kicks off digital registration in county

The  independence party, Kanu Nyeri branch kicked off digital registration of members on Monday  in readiness for the 2022 election.

The exercise  where members are registering using their mobile phones was presided over by the Branch Chairman, Karanja Njeru.

Njeru  said to register one needed to press*483*03# and fill requisite particulars, the message is then relayed to the Kanu headquarters and finally to the Registrar of political parties.

The digital registration was launched recently by the Kanu National Chairman, Senator Gideon Moi  in Nairobi and is now being cascaded at the county level.

Njeru  dismissed individuals roaming Central region, claiming to be Kanu officials and termed them as fakes serving their own selfish interests, adding that the independence party does not have regional representatives.

“There are political stooges roaming in Nyeri, Meru and other places claiming to represent Kanu in central region. Our constitution does not have regional officials but have sub-branch, location and national leaders,” Njeru explained.

He  asked senators to approve the third basis for revenue allocation among county governments to cushion them against  cash crisis.

Njeru  put on notice senators and particularly those from the Mt. Kenya region, warning that they risked their political careers if they failed to support the bill on revenue allocation to devolved units.

He said as a result of the ongoing stalemate at the senate, health facilities are going without  essential drugs occasioning sufferings to the local residents.

At  the same time, the Kanu Branch Chairman said they backed calls for a referendum to amend the Constitution to pave way for an expanded executive.

The  delegates  who were drawn from all the six constituencies of Nyeri county vowed to support  the Handshake between President Uhuru and ODM leader, Raila Odinga, the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and the Kanu National Chairman Gideon Moi, saying the trio had the welfare of Kenyans at heart.

The  Kanu Nyeri Branch Secretary General, Simon Karonji echoed the chairman’s sentiments, warning senators who fail to support the county revenue allocation bill to brace for serious political consequences in the next general election.

By  Mwangi  Gaitha

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