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Prayer and Fasting to Avert Corona virus

The  Narok County Government and religious leaders have planned for a three-day prayer and  fasting period in order to avert the spread of Corona virus in the county.

The  leaders, led by Governor Samuel Tunai and Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit asked Christians, Muslims and Hindus in the county to fast from Friday to Sunday to ask God’s intervention on the novel global pandemic.

“Every  time we have come together in prayer to seek the face of God, he has always answered us and given us victory. Even at this time when Covid-19 is killing many, we will pray to God that in our county no one will die again,” said  Archbishop Sapit.

He  said  the pandemic has shaken every sector in life and the only place left where we can seek for refuge is in God.

“We have seen scientists, politicians, medics, academicians and all other sectors shaken by the pandemic. It is time we humble ourselves before the eyes of God so that he can forgive us and  take away this pandemic, “said Sapit.

He recalled that during the 2017 elections when Narok County was ranked as one of the violence hot spot areas, everything changed when the church came together to pray.

“We are doing this because we have seen it working before. No one died even after the elections  in the year 2017. This is because the church prayed and instead we saw the leaders who lost in the elections shaking hands with the elected leaders,” reiterated Sapit.

The  Archbishop  spoke at TM grounds in Narok North Sub County today in a prayer meeting that  brought together church leaders and the Members of the Narok County Assembly.

Instead  of setting aside land to bury people who will die from Covid-19, Archbishop Sapit said  they will set aside three days to pray and fast to keep the virus at bay.

Governor  Tunai lamented that many people have lost their jobs because of the pandemic asking  the faithful to pray for the less fortunate in the society so that God can intervene.

“I propose  we start in Kilgoris on Friday, Suswa on Saturday and then conclude the prayer meetings on Sunday at the Narok Stadium,” said Tunai adding that everyone is desperate at this time because of the pandemic and that is why the only solution is seeking God’s intervention.

The meeting was also attended by the Narok County Assembly Speaker, Nkoidilla Ole Lankas, the  Narok  Women Representative, Soipan Tuya, the Narok East Member of Parliament, Ken Kiloku, the  Narok West MP, Gabriel Togoyo  and the Nominated Member of Parliament, David Sankok.

By  Ann  Salaton

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