Inua Jamii cash transfers will be timely, says PS

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The Principal Secretary (PS) for Labour and Social Protection Joseph Motari says that the Inua Jamii Cash Transfer monthly stipends will be disbursed to the beneficiaries on time and at their convenient location.

Speaking in Kajiado during a spot check visit, the PS noted that the disbursements for the previous months had delayed due to government transition but it is now all systems go as the government is keen to ensure that the vulnerable in the society are cushioned against poverty.

“We want to assure the Inua Jamii beneficiaries that the government will disburse the money at the appropriate time as it is keen to cushion the vulnerable and elderly persons in the society against poverty. I want to urge all the beneficiaries not to squander it but to put it in good use so that it can change their lives for the better,” said PS Motari

In addition, Motari noted that the government has held talks with the six banks that will be making payments and have agreed that bank agents across the wards and sub counties can disburse the funds to the beneficiaries so as to allow them access the funds easily without having to travel to the main bank branches.

Motari revealed that the government is working closely with the World Bank to ensure that all the beneficiaries of the program are registered with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) so that they are also covered health wise.

The PS further said that the registration for the beneficiaries is continuous but only the vulnerable will benefit from it.

“Within six months, we intend to have all the data on the vulnerable persons who attain 70 years of age and above together with the orphans and vulnerable children and people living with severe disability. If one beneficiary passes on, we have a claw-back system that returns the money and allocates it to another beneficiary,” Said Motari.

He noted that the government is coming up with a single registry to ensure that if a beneficiary is in Inua Jamii, he or she won’t be in another government’s program so that other people benefit.

Beneficiaries of the cash in Kajiado were elated after receiving the funds saying that the cash will come in handy especially now that the ravaging drought has killed all their livestock which was their main source of income.

Mzee Samuel Ole Yiaro, one of the beneficiaries, says he thought the money won’t be available any longer but he is grateful that the government has released the funds as it will help him in feeding his family which has been affected by drought.

Another beneficiary, Jane Kaparo says the money has been really helpful to her in taking care of her grandchildren who are orphans.

“From the Inua Jamii cash, I am able to buy them food and clothes as their parents died long ago. Due to my old age, I can’t be able to work hence the money comes in handy. I want to urge the government to increase the amount as the drought has ravaged our cattle which used to help us fend for our needs,” Says Kaparo

Mzee Ali Yasmin also says the money has enabled him to keep his children in school in addition to ensuring his family never goes to bed hungry.

The government on Monday released Sh8.58 billion to 1.07 million beneficiaries of Inua Jamii Cash Transfer Programme which will cover arrears from the month of July-October 2022.

Every beneficiary must have an account with the six banks contracted by the government to disburse the money.

The Money benefits orphans and vulnerable children, People with severe disabilities and elderly persons.

By Diana Meneto

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