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Invigilator and four teachers arrested

An  invigilator and three teachers have been arrested for attempting to aid students in exam cheating in the ongoing KCSE exams at Baragoi Boys Secondary school in Samburu North.

The  Samburu North Sub County Police Commander (SCPC), Tom  Makori  has confirmed the incident, saying that the  School’s Deputy Principal was among the four suspects who were arrested on Wednesday and are being held at Baragoi Police  Station for questioning.

Makori  said that the police officers manning the exam became suspicious of the Deputy Principal and the invigilator’s frequent visit to the toilet while exams were going on.

“The  officers  saw the invigilator entering the teachers’ toilet first, and when he left the deputy principal followed shortly and left looking suspicious,” he said.

He added  that after a few minutes, the Deputy Principal entered the toilet again and left, a move that prompted one of  the police officers to enter the toilet to investigate.

The  police boss said that the officer found a piece of paper with writings that were suspected to be answers for some  of the questions in Biology paper 2 test which was being written by candidates at that time.

According to Makori, the officers proceeded to Deputy Principal’s house, where the deputy principal himself and two other teachers who taught biology subject at the school were arrested.

Makori  said the suspects were expected to appear before court tomorrow after police officers have completed their investigations.

By  Robert  Githu

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