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Irate parents close school in Kitui

Irate parents of Yumbisye Primary School in Kitui Central on Monday stormed the school and closed it citing poor performance and mismanagement.
The angry parents led by Timothy Kimuli said that 2018’s standard eight performance was inexcusable, adding that majority of the candidates performed dismally with an average of 100 marks.
Kimuli, who is a parent at the school, lamented that majority of the teachers posted to the school are nearing retirement and some on disciplinary cases which has led to the laid-back type of management.
‘The gross mismanagement witnessed in this school cannot go on without being condemned. We are losing the future of our children in the hands of uncommitted teachers and a sleeping school management board,” said a visibly angry Kimuli.
He called for total overhaul of the teaching staff and the disbandment of the school management board. We need fresh blood to inject life into this school. We demand to see action and heads rolling.
Kimuli said that the student enrolment has dropped over the years due to dismal performance adding that some candidates opt to enroll for their national examinations in the neighbouring Kithambangei Primary School.
As the parents chanted and lifted placards, the area chief assisted with security personnel were able to open the school and enable teachers and pupils access their offices and classrooms respectively.
However, this peaceful atmosphere was short-lived as parents later stormed the school and ejected all the pupils and teachers present.
Kimuli said that the parents had vowed to open the school for learning when a lasting solution is tabled before them adding that education is the foundation to their children’s future.
Angela Mwongeli echoed similar sentiments saying that the learners idle all day in the school without close supervision from the teachers who are concerned about following their retirement packages.
Efforts to contact the area education officer to comment on the matter were futile.
By Yobesh Onwong’a

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