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Grandmother pleads for help to raise her sick grandchild  

Ngina Nzuu, a 53-year-old woman from Barani Village, Mumoni Mwingi North in Kitui County, pleads for help after her daughter abandoned her sick son and eloped three years ago.

Speaking to KNA, Nzuu said that she is struggling with raising her daughter’s three children, one of whom has a strange medical condition.

She said that her daughter, Zipporah Syombua Ngina who was married, sneaked into her home and left her three children and has not been seen or heard from since.

“On that day, I was away and when I returned, I found my firstborn daughter had left her three children in my compound, including her first born son who has a medical condition,” said Ngina.

Ngina has since then been struggling with raising all the children, who entirely depend on her including the sick grandson.

“He cannot sit, stand or do anything by himself. I even feed him and take him to the toilet. His body has issues including his anus which has a strange hole and his lips appear burnt. I took him to Katse Dispensary in Mumoni Sub-County and he was referred to Mwingi Level 4 hospital but I could not manage since I cannot afford the bus fare,” narrated Ngina.

She added that her grandchild has caused so much pain and misery in her life and she has been unable to provide for the six children.

The mother of three who now struggles to take care of six children has called on well-wishers, the government and other charitable organizations to intervene and rescue her from the bondage of this strange illness.

“The levels of poverty have risen since I cannot go to work as I have nobody to leave with the sick grandchild. Am so frustrated. I have no money to take him to the hospital. The drought is here with us, we barely eat. I plead for help,” she pleaded.

She also called on her daughter to come back home and assist her in taking care of the children.

“I really yearn to see him get well. I have shed a lot of tears. I am pleading to all people of good will to help me wipe the tears,” she said amid tears.

Eunice Kithumba, a community health volunteer based at Katse Dispensary said that she visited Ngina’s home conducting Malezi Bora programme in the area and recommended that the child needed special care which her grandmother could not afford.

“Ngina being a single parent needs help as the child cannot be left alone for fear of harming himself,” she said.

Ngina is now looking forward to receiving any help from well-wishers to enable her to take care of the six children.

By Charles Matacho and Bernard Maluki

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