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IT graduate offering skills back to the community

An Information Technology (IT) graduate of Jomo Kenyatta University has volunteered to teach unemployed youths various computer programmes to assist them to become more marketable when they apply for jobs or convert to self-employment.

James Odour the IT graduate said his skills enabled him even before he graduated to be self-reliant. And, he would like to assist as many youth as possible to learn various computer packages to facilitate them become self-employed, instead of staying idle.

Interviewed by KNA today at the Nakuru National Library, which has offered him free space to train the jobless youth, Odour said the internet is now on the world stage and it is teeming with jobs for IT experts or anyone willing to learn the skills.

He noted that unlike in the past when employment required physical presence, the internet has made it possible for workers to work from any country in the world, and serve companies who value their skills across the globe.

He said for anybody willing to work for international organizations, including publishers, all that was required of them was relevant computer skills, and they start earning immediately.

Odour said the transformation of the world into a global village, was advantageous for the youth, especially those willing to go the extra mile of acquiring the valued IT skills by the international companies, in the USA, China, the Middle East, and even South America.

He said the first package he trains the willing youths was web design because it’s easier and faster to learn, even by school dropouts, and the jobs are numerous.

He asked those who enroll must to keep time, attend all the classes, and finish the assignments he gives them in classes, adding that he encourages them to be committed since it’s pointless to teach reluctant learners.

Jane Maina, one of the students said, the volunteered IT services were one of the greatest opportunities she has ever come across because despite being a university graduate, her computer skills were minimal, but nowadays she talks and uses computer languages competitively.

By Veronica Bosibori

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