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Isiolo CC warns teachers on accepting bribery from parents

Isiolo County Commissioner Mr. Geoffrey Omoding has warned teachers against collecting money from parents allegedly to cater for students’ special meals during the national examination period.

Omoding said that the government does not allow teachers to collect any cash from parents without approval of the County Education Board and therefore teachers out to collect money from unsuspecting parents claiming to provide special meals was illegal and burdensome on guardians to the exam candidates’ .

The County Commissioner however said that all the preparations for the national examinations have been finalized and proper logistics put in place to ensure there is an integrity in the handling and management of the examinations in the County.

He said that areas where the rain may hamper ease of movement will be helped out by provision of helicopters that the Kenya National Examinations Council has put on standby adding that security for far flung schools in areas like Kinna , Cherab, Burat and Oldonyiro Wards have been adequately addressed.

The county boss said that security for the examination is paramount and the principal duty of security officers and education offices is to ensure that all seven containers that serve as the examination distribution centres are well guarded.

He appealed to parents to take good care of their children during this long holiday since the Covid 19 pandemic when the education system was disrupted for almost one year as the government closed all schools then.

Omoding said that this is the right time parents should engage their children in productive activities to keep them off the drugs and other crimes.

The KCPE exam started today, November 28 and ends on Wednesday, November 30, this year while the KCSE theory exams kicks off on December 2 up to December 23 this year.

The Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) which replaces KCPE under the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) will run from Monday, November 28 up to Wednesday, November 30, this year.

By Abduba Mamo and David Nduro


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