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NDMA, KRCS urged to initiate water conservation in Ijara

The chairman of Ijara watchdog group Abdullahi Abdi has challenged National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) and Kenya Red Cross to initiate programmes that will conserve the water runoff during this rainy season for use during drought.

Mr Abdi said so much water is lost during rains and sometime causes flood and argued that if this water could be conserved it would help the locals to start planting folder and other agricultural crops that would be of value during the drought.

Speaking to KNA today in Ijara the Watchdog group chairman said that a lot of money is spent on livestock offtake programme and relief and said that now that there is heavy down pour in the Ijara that money can be diverted to start programmes that are of long term and solution to perennial drought in the larger north eastern region.

Ijara Sub-County Deputy County Commissioner, Willy Chemboi called on farmers to make of impounding rain to start rain fed agriculture to enhance food security.

He urged the local to start kitchen gardening to reduce reliance on food donation.

By Mohamed Dahir

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