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Isiolo County Puts Up Covid 19 ICU Ward

Isiolo County will establish an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Referral and Teaching Hospital by next week as a step in preparedness of handling Covid-19 disease should need arise.
According to Governor, Dr. Mohamed Kuti, part of Sh. 40 million set aside to combat the pandemic in the county would be spent to start a fully-fledged ICU ward at the ICRTH by the beginning of next week.

Isiolo governor Dr. Mohamed Kuti opt for ‘leg shake’ instead of ‘hand shake’ with BATUK official who led officers to hand over 12 tanks of 10,000 litres each to help the County government combat the coronavirus pandemic

He made the announcement alongside members of the County Emergency Response Committee after receiving 42, 20-litre buckets from the chairman of Isiolo market cooperative society Mr. Cypriano Mwenda Friday.
Dr. Kuti also lauded the British Army Training Unit in Kenya (BATUK) who donated 12 tanks of 10,000 litres volume each to aid Isiolo residents to wash hands to keep away from corona virus infection.
He said the British Army officials had heeded to his appeal to have them assist in combating the virus from spreading to communities in the County.
The governor reminded the residents of always washing hands, maintaining social distance, going to hospital for anyone with the viral disease symptoms and above all stay at home.
“For you to be very safe just stay at home and use the nose masks to prevent the spread of the virus,” he reiterated.
At the same time Dr. Kuti revealed that the county will also source for masks to distribute to the residents including the bodaboda taxi riders and their passengers to cover their noses.
He urged the local tailors to start making reusable masks locally in effort to keep the communities in the county safe.
The governor said the masks could be reused after washing with soap and antiseptics at lesser cost.
Dr. Kuti said the 42 buckets would be distributed to children homes and the vulnerable families in the area.
Isiolo County Commissioner Mr. Herman Shambi said it is the right time for Kenyans to extend a hand to the needy in their neighbourhood.
By David Nduro and Abduba Mamo

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