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Italian man charged with assault and creating disturbance

Police in Kiambu yesterday sought for four days to conclude investigations on an Italian national accused of being in the country illegally.
The Italian Maurisio Montcalli also faces charges of assault and causing disturbance at a Kiambu estate over the weekend.
Appearing before Kiambu Senior Principal Magistrate Ms. Stella Atambo, corporal Evans Wambani sought the time which he said would enable him to carry out thorough scrutiny on Maurisio Montcalli’s immigration documents to verify their status.
The officer from Kiambu police station said in his affidavit that Montcalli is being accused by Mr David Chomba that he assaulted him with a knife and also smashed his vehicle’s headlamps and windscreen on 6th November. The suspect is also said to have assaulted Mrs. Magdalene Michdine Jeridia and several others on the same day.
The investigating officer further told the court that Montcalli was also beaten up by members of the public at Eden Ville estate. They even threatened to lynch him.
When he was allowed to speak Montcalli who seemed very weak and in pain begged the court to release him so he could seek medical attention.
His lawyer John Njuguna asked the court to dismiss the case saying his client had been injured and that he required medical attention. He added that the suspect was also married and had lived in Kenya since 2011 and was therefore not a flight risk.
However Ms Mutile Wamae for the ODPP in her submissions mentioned that montcalli’s case was of public interest as a video showing him assaulting a woman and other members of the public was circulating on social media.
Ms. Atambo instructed the investigating officer to ensure the suspect is attended to by a doctor and treated before she makes a ruling on the case within four days.

By Anthony Muli

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