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Its all Systems go for elections in Makueni

The Independent, Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in Makueni has confirmed that all systems are ready for next week Tuesday General Elections.

Makueni County Elections Manager Mr Maurice Raria said the commission has disbursed elections and non-strategic materials except presidential ballot to six constituency tallying centres in the county.

“We have distributed election materials including ballot papers and non-strategic materials to all our constituency tallying centres ready for election,” said Raria during county candidates and media briefing at Wote Technical Training Institute, Makueni on Friday adding that they were expecting presidential ballot papers to arrive.

The ballot papers that have been distributed include; Gubernatorial, Senatorial, Member of National Assembly, Women Representative and ballot papers for Member of County Assembly candidates.

“We have also trained our presiding and deputy presiding officers, polling clerks are currently being trained in readiness for the elections,” he said.

“We conducted results transmission simulation on July 19   in one of the remotest polling stations per constituency and our results transmission was 100 per cent success,” he added.

While assuring that the commission would conduct free and fair elections, the county elections manger appealed to all the registered voters in the county to turn up and vote.

“I appeal to all 479,401 registered voters to come and vote next week Tuesday, your vote is important in making decision,” said Raria.

He said the commission has placed the voters register in all 1,130 polling centres in 30 wards in the county for them to confirm their names and which station and queue they would follow during the voting day.

He lauded the aspirants and residents of the county for conducting peaceful campaigns and urged them to maintain peace even during and after elections.

Raria added that two security officers would be deployed per polling station and enough officers would be at the tallying centres to ensure the security during voting day.

There is a total of 479,401 registered voters from the six constituencies in the county whereby Makueni (102,712), Mbooni (96,029), Kibwezi West (91,554), Kaiti (65,188), Kibwezi East (64,740) and Kilome (59,188) respectively.

Makueni County tallying centre will be Wote Technical training institute while Makueni Constituency tallying centres will be at Makueni Boys High School, Mbooni (Tawa social hall), Kibwezi and West (Moi Girls High School Kibwezi.)

Others include; Kibwezi East (Muthingiini High School), Kaiti (Mukuyuni High School) and Kilome (Maiani Boys).

Also present during the briefing were security and an official from the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties.

By Ronald Rono

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