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PSG unveils multi-agency peace, governance forum

The Public Service Governance (PSG) has launched a multi-agency peace, security and governance conference to discuss the country’s governance agenda for a peaceful, united and cohesive nation.

The agenda dubbed ‘the government we want Serikali tunayoitaka’ is based on governance that is accountable, responsible, peaceful, transparent, upholds the rule of law, inclusive and responsive, and ultimately upholds divine standards in government.

Joseph Kipkoech, Director Kenya News Agency, gives his speech on the role of the media and journalism skills in the country especially during the forthcoming General elections at Clarion Hotel Nairobi, during the Peace, Security and Good Governance conference. Photo by Wickliff Ananda

Speaking during the event at Clarion Hotel, Nairobi, PSG Founder and President Amb. Esther Waringa commended the coming together of the conference stating that great, successful and progressive governments are birthed through such consultative forums.

Waringa, a recipient of the United Nations Distinguished African Woman Leadership Award for promoting good governance in the continent, rallied all stakeholders towards enhancing both individual and institutional capacities towards the governance transition roadmap underway in Kenya and identifying key strategic areas of intervention in the process.

“Each agency’s role should be well stipulated, well understood and speedily executed to avert a political crisis like that experienced in 2007/2008,” said Waringa.

The PSG President implored the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to do speedy investigations, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to undertake prompt prosecutions, and the Judiciary to fast-track determination of cases while security agencies ensure absolute security.

Further, Waringa encouraged the media to continue informing the public on the governance transition process advancement as well as share peace messages.

“So far, the media has played a pivotal role as witnessed in the recent candidates’ debates but much more needs to be done,” she noted, adding that the media is up to the task because they have demonstrated commitment even before.

She further urged the religious institutions to consistently engage their congregants on the need for maintaining peace, living for one another during this election period and beyond and upholding morally upright character, integrity and positive mindset.

“Kenya is a hub and an oasis of peace in the African continent and this must remain if not enhanced. We equally task our international development partners, the European Union, and diplomatic and humanitarian agencies to help the country maintain peace and tranquility,” Waringa reiterated.

She challenged the electorate to choose a government they want that is devoid of corruption by consequently electing leaders with the right heart for the people, role models, who command respect, courageous and strong, morally upright and God fearing.

Waringa called on citizens not to relent until they realise a government that is able to decapitate corruption to zero levels, able to fast track economic recovery in a moral and upright way and quick to unite Kenyans and ensure peace, love and unity.

The system or the process, she noted, determines the outcome where fraud begets compromise and good begets desirable and satisfactory outcomes.

“Therefore, the electorate, who bear the responsibility to exercise universal suffrage towards birthing the next government, should be  guided by principles and vetting parameters provided for in Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 on Leadership and Integrity,” Waringa maintained.

At the same time, PSG Director General (DG) Inderjit Kaurl Rehal said that good governance is the beginning of economic progress and suitable development which could only be achieved when the country has the right government and the right people in leadership.

“These kinds of leaders will bring corruption, tribalism and inefficacy in service delivery to the people of Kenya to a total end thus opening up a new chapter to economic recovery, sustainable development and morality in government,” she added.

The DG assured that PSG is totally committed to work towards the realization of this kind of government.

Meanwhile, the Director of Information (Kenya News Agency) Joseph Kipkoech said that the media has a very important role in the existence of peace, security and governance of the country which is a prerequisite to achieve sustainable economic development.

Kipkoech stated that the Department of Information’s role is to collate, interpret and publish government information policies, development strategies and programmes and any other repositories at national and county levels through the Kenya News Agency.

“During this electioneering period, the media specifically the Public Information Officers, should uphold the values of accuracy, impartiality and fairness, protect their sources, avoid discrimination, practice patriotism and independence, and uphold the highest standards of media responsibility and ethics in order to refrain from giving space to hate speech and utterances that might incite violence or cause social turmoil and unrest,” he advised.

Also in attendance was the Chairman National Council of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Stephen Cheboi and the Chairman of the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK) Rev. Father Joseph Mutie both of whom vowed to engage and collaborate with all stakeholders to provide civic education during and after the election to encourage Kenyans to embrace peace and soberly elect leaders of integrity who will deliver.

By Michael Omondi

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