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JOOTRH introduces life-saving equipment for infants

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH) has introduced medical equipment that will be used to save the lives of pre-term babies and children under five months of age suffering from acute respiratory distress.

The Vayu bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (Vayu bCPAP) machine was innovated by Dr Thomas Burke, who handed over the equipment, and manufactured by Revital Healthcare EPZ.

Dr Gregory Ganda, County Executive (CECM) for Health in Kisumu County, during the handing over of the device to the Referral facility said it would be a game changer in reducing the mortality rates of newborn babies, which continue to persist in several health facilities within the region, especially during referrals.

In order to prolong the life-expectancy period of neonates, Dr Burke, a globally acclaimed science innovator, said that the equipment is meant to save the lives of pre-term babies and those aged five months.

“CPAP is a non-invasive form of respiratory support which does not require complex technical expertise. Furthermore, less complex CPAP devices such as the Vayu bubble CPAP are preferable due to their ease of maintenance and affordability. The equipment does not require any electricity to work,” Dr Burke said.

Elaborating on the efficacy levels of the gadget, Dr Burke said that the equipment is easy to use and has vital qualities for ensuring safe oxygen delivery to the young ones.

Dr Burke further explained that the Vayu bCPAP oxygen delivery system is enhanced by an easy-to-use adjustable blender that regulates the amount of oxygen that a newborn baby or baby below five months essentially needs.

“The device is equipped with a system with a regulated pressure, regulated oxygen flow, and humidification that is right for the baby. It is also reusable for a period of at least three years if used according to the manual provided by the manufacturer-Revital Healthcare (EPZ),’ Dr Burke said.

Accordingly, clinical officers and pediatricians from JOORTH have been trained to use the new equipment.

The innovation has been successfully embraced and implemented by 19 countries across the globe with notable examples in Vietnam and the Philippines.

In the same-spirited effort, the JOOTRH management led by CEO Dr George Rae has already placed into use the Vayu bCPAP in the maternity wing and newborn unit, to safeguard the lives of the newborns.

To continue providing accessible and quality health services, Deputy Chair of the Board of JOOTRH, Monica Ogutu, urged health stakeholders to expedite the formation of Private-Public-Partnership with the private health facilities to continue being the frontline gatekeepers of the newborns.

The Deputy CEO, Dr Dedan Ongonga reaffirmed their commitment to upscale measures to procure more Vayu Bcpap, to responsively and sustainably serve patients at their facility.

Medical statistics estimate that out of all the successful newborn deliveries done in health facilities, 38 percent result in maternal deaths in Kisumu County alone.

By Rolex Omondi

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