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Rescued varsity student gets full scholarship from a well-wisher

Meru University student, Ms. Diana Chepkemoi who was rescued from Saudi Arabia where she had gone to search for greener pastures in order to settle her fees has today received a full scholarship from a well-wisher Mr. Rodgers Kipembe.

Speaking during the reception of the student who reported to the institution today, Mr. Kipembe said he learnt of Ms. Chepkemoi’s tribulations through the social media and made up his mind to help her out.

“I learnt about Ms. Chepkemoi’s misfortunes through the social media and decided that I will touch her life by settling her four-year fees which I have come here to do,” said Mr. Kipembe.

He said his action was an act of philanthropy and not for any political gains and challenged leaders and especially politicians to come out and help the students and the many others who were experiencing similar challenges in learning institutions.

The University Vice Chancellor Professor Romanus Otieno who also welcomed Ms. Chepkemoi back to the institution called on Kenyans to learn the act of philanthropy and at least institute endowment funds in learning institutions in order to take care of the struggling students.

“Ms. Chepkemoi’s case is one in a million and we are calling on Kenyans to be generous enough in supporting such students,” he said.

He added that the University will place Ms. Chepkemoi under the student work-study programme, a platform designed to empower needy students as a way of helping her to take care of her needs.

“She will also enjoy a flexible schedule to study and serve within the University library at the same time be granted accommodation within the University,” said Professor Otieno.

Ms. Chepkemoi was admitted to the University during the 2017 – 2018 academic year on 31st August 2017 to study Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Management under the School of Agriculture and Food Science.

However she only studied the programme for the first semester of the academic year.  She later submitted a letter of deferral due to financial constraints on 29th August 2018.

She also applied for a course transfer on May 15, 2019 to study a Bachelor of Education Arts which was granted but she did not report back.

Ms. Chepkemoi left Kenya in July 2021 after she secured a job in one of the Royal families in Saudi Arabia where she was to work as a house manager.

This is after she had stayed out of school for over four years and that was the only option available to her.

She said that when she arrived in Saudi Arabia she realised that things were not a walk in the park from the first day when she made a mistake and she was welcomed with the wrath of her boss.

She said her boss once told her that she had no choice but to do what was right because there was nowhere she could go because he had bought her until her contract ended.

“He said that if I tried anything cheeky he would go ahead and make sure that I am jailed,” she said.

Speaking after she was received at the institution, Ms. Chepkemoi thanked God for keeping her alive as well as those who had made efforts to ensure that she resumed her studies.

“I wish my case will be an example that will make Kenyans come to realisation that there are people suffering out there in silence and as a result come to their rescue,” she said.

By Dickson Mwiti

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