Journalists asked to be champions by reporting on population issues

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Journalists  from  Bungoma  County have been asked to be champions of population and development by reporting on  population  issues.

Speaking  on  Wednesday during  a Capacity  Building  meeting  for  Journalists at Kenya Industrial Estate Hall, the National  Council  for Population and Development (NCPD)’s Deputy Director, Charles Oisebe challenged the media to  be  a  voice  of  development.

Oisebe  asked the media to pass population and development issues to citizens through their tools of communication, saying  they  reach a wide audience.

He  called on them to verify any data they receive before they disseminate it to the audience since they are a major partner  with  NCPD.

He  asked them to report on key areas that affect the population in areas of education, health, governance and economics, saying  that this will enable the recipients of the data and information to make informed decisions.

Speaking  during  the same meeting, a  Public Relations Officer  with NCPD, Stephen Ingabo called on journalists to focus  on development stories instead of focusing on politics.

Ingabo  asked  journalists to change the tradition of saying that the audiences prefer politics hence filling up all

newspapers and any form of media with political stories at the expense of development stories.

The journalists, on their side, said that they send so many development stories which are killed by the editors hence they are demoralized, saying after all the media is in business thus they prefer what will sell.

By  Maureen Imbayi

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