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Judicial Officers condemns attacks on Chief Justice Maraga

The  Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA) has called on Kenyans to respect the Judiciary and reject toxic and negative narratives being propagated to tarnish the office of Chief Justice (CJ), David Maraga.

The  President KMJA, Justice Jacqueline Kamau, said public confidence in courts is being eroded by continuous systemic and systematic attacks on  the CJ, judges and judicial officers by certain people in the society.

She  said the  CJ  deserves respect as he holds a very important office in the society that must be respected at all costs, adding that courts are the last resort for Wanjiku to resolve her disputes.

In press statement on Wednesday sent to newsrooms, Justice Kamau said scandalizing the office of the CJ is intended to devalue his moral authority.

“Kenya is treading on a very dangerous path by attempting to emasculate the Judiciary which in the recent past has been extended to levelling unsubstantiated accusations against the CJ,” she said.

The  KMJA President was reacting to an article carried in a local newspaper on Monday this week, commenting on how a plan was hatched to storm a hotel in Mombasa on August 18 this year to embarrass the CJ  who was officiating the Annual Judges’ Colloquium.

She said the demonstrations by the unknown persons was intended to impute improper motives on the CJ’s office relating it to drug cases.

“This was an insinuation that Justice Maraga has lost control of judges and judicial officers who were dealing with drug related cases, which is misleading,” she said.

The President noted that  Maraga is  committed to ensuring that all judges and judicial officers carry out their work without any interference from his office in the spirit of promoting their independence.

“Freedom of expression and speech is guaranteed in the constitution, the Judiciary is not immune to criticisms as it offers checks and balances, but it must be done in good faith so as to have a civilized society,” she stressed.

Justice Kamau further noted that the demands by the demonstrators that certain judges and officers be replaced by other officers was intended to cause disaffection and discord amongst judges and the entire Judiciary.

By  Bernadette  Khaduli

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