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23 year old herder trampled to death while grazing livestock

A herder was trampled by an elephant to death while grazing his livestock in Marsabit National Game Reserve

The herder aged 23 years was attacked by the jumbo after he reportedly sneaked his camels into the protected area at night where some patches of pasture were still available.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) senior assistant director in charge of the Northern Conservation area John Wambua said the victim is among several herders from Kargi area in Loiyangalani Sub-County who have migrated to the Marsabit forest with their livestock in search of grazing resources.

Mr Wambua said the herders are escaping prolonged drought which has depleted pasture and water in their traditional grazing fields.

The director regretted the incident, which he said, could have occurred due to lack of knowledge by the visiting herders on the co-existence with wild animals compared to those who live within the park’s catchment.

However, Mr Wambua noted that some rains were received within the mountain region that has led to regeneration of pasture outside the forest.

He requested the herders to move their livestock, which include camels, goats, sheep and cattle out of the forest since it is now green in their areas of habitation.

This, the director said would reduce pressure on the forest and lessen livestock-wildlife competition for grazing resources.

He pointed out that wildlife was pushed outside the reserve due to the pressure by desperate herders who invaded the forest.

The body was removed and taken to Marsabit County Referral Hospital mortuary.

By Sebastian Miriti

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