KAA delivers fire engine to Lodwar airstrip

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The  Lodwar Airstrip users and Lodwar residents can now rest easy after the Kenya Airports Authority purchased and delivered a fire fighting truck for the Lodwar Airstrip.

The  Lodwar  Airstrip Manager, Richard Monyoncho said the vehicle was delivered on Tuesday April 21, 2020 and would primarily be used to for emergency response at the runaway.

The vehicle has a capacity of 5,000 liters of water and compound form to extinguish fires.

“We are very clear that the truck would be used for emergency response at the Lodwar Airstrip, but we can help the county government in event of fire emergencies within Lodwar town,” said Monyoncho.

He said it would be impossible for the truck to respond to fire emergencies outside Lodwar, because it requires eight minutes to respond to fire emergencies.

However, Monyoncho cited lack of water hydrants (Water flashing points) in Lodwar as a major challenge.

“We will be forced to come back to the Airstrip to refill water in event of fire emergencies in Lodwar because we have nowhere to refill water from in Lodwar town. We have advised the county government to consider establishing water hydrants in the town for future use,” he said.

The  county government attempt to procure a fire engine was marred with controversy and the matter ended up with the Ethics and Anti-corruption Authority, leaving the area without a fire engine to date.

Traders have been forced to hire water trucks to put-off fires in the town.

By  Peter  Gitonga

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