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Kajiado Assembly decry phasing out of 14 seater matatus

Kajiado County Assembly has warned of an increase in unemployment rates in the county once the Government phases out 14-seater matatus on the roads.
Nominated Member of County Assembly, Lucy Wachuka hailed the High Court injunction on Friday temporarily blocking NTSA from interfering with the licensing of low-capacity public service vehicles as a reprieve to matatu operators.
Wachuka speaking to the press during an interview in Ngong town Monday, called on the Government to fully involve all the stakeholders through public participation during the process.
She called on National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) which had already implemented the move to comply with the court order.
The MCA who is also the chairperson of Serian Sacco matatus said close to 250,000 families stand to lose their livelihoods since they are employed by 14-seater psvs.
“We have to stand out for our people and especially the youth since we have not provided other opportunities for them to get employment,” said Wachuka.
The champion for youth employment in the assembly argued that the transport sector in the country has been rocked by a crisis since the policy makers did not know what is happening at the grassroots.
She faulted NTSA for allegedly blocking of the 14-seater operators from acquiring the licenses without any involvement of the stakeholders.
“We are a country that is governed by rules and regulations that we cannot just bow down to the killing of the 14-seater matatus by a few individuals” said the Serian Sacco chairperson.
“There must be transparency in the implementation of reforms in the matatu sector,” she urged.
On December 7th Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia said matatus transport was not sustainable and linked it to the congestion and disorder common in major urban towns in Kenya.
CS issued a directive that the 14-seater PSVs will be phased out by February 2019, as the Government plans to implement Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.
By Nelly Kosgey

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