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Kajiado brace for grade six transition

Education stakeholders in Kajiado North constituency have reiterated their commitment in ensuring smooth transition of grade six students to grade seven in junior secondary schools.

The sub-county stakeholders who met in Ngong town discussed ways in which government could support the development of the various primary schools, where Junior Secondary Schools will be domiciled following the recommendation by the presidential working committee on education reforms.

Kajiado North Member of Parliament Onesmus Ngogoyo said that this development will enable primary schools to be equipped as well as to ensure that the policy of transition from primary schools will be properly implemented.

“We, as stakeholders in the education sector purpose is to seek solutions to the challenge of our children transitioning from primary to junior secondary schools. As per the recommendations of the presidential working party on education, President William Ruto decided to have the schools domiciled within current primary schools” Ngogoyo said.

The MP also said that the stakeholders acknowledged that the projects involving the construction of junior secondary schools required funding from the national government. Hon. Ngogoyo raised concerns about the lack of funding from the National Government to facilitate construction of these projects.

“As leaders at the sub-county level, it is very important for us to chart a way forward for children across Kajiado North, where it will be easier for them to be able to transit from grade six to grade Seven in the junior secondary schools.

John Njoroge, the sub-county director for education confirmed that 600 pupils sat for the KPSEA examination, adding the ministry of education will provide 100% transition for the pupils to junior secondary schools across the sub-county. He also confirmed that the commission had started preparing for the transition to the new curriculum a few years back, and that of 45 private primary schools assessed in Kajiado North sub-county, 33 have been approved to admit junior secondary school’s students.

“About six thousand pupils sat for the KPSEA exams and can ensure the pupils of 100 per cent transition to junior secondary schools across the sub-county. As a sub-county office, we started preparing a while ago and this is work in progress. As a matter of fact, the 6000 are in both public and private schools. We have also assessed 45 private schools where just 33 will be allowed to admit junior secondary school students. We are undertaking rapid results initiative to deliver on tangible results.” Njoroge said.

Meanwhile, the Deputy County Commissioner, Patrick Mwangi said that stakeholders have visited various schools to assess the status of their various projects as well as advising schools management boards to upgrade some of their facilities, and what is needed to be done.

“We have formed a multi-agency team to start assessing schools to facilitate the 100% transition from primary schools to secondary schools. We urge all stakeholders, including parents to help us in the reforming of the education sector, including educationists, well-wishers and we are calling upon everyone in order to succeed in our plans.” Mwangi said.

The meeting was aimed at paving way for the 100 per cent transition for pupils to junior secondary schools and form one.

By Ibrahim Mussa



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