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Busia county football league 2022/2023 season kicks off this weekend

The Football Kenya Federation(FKF)off on Saturday January 14th, 2023 with 18 teams  drawn in two zones set to battle for top honours.

Zone A is pitting Aboloi FC, Akobwait, Musokoto, Machakusi, Kabkara, Kamolo, Kamuriai and Kekalet. Zone B includes Labour FC, Lwanyange,  Nasewa, Young Tigers, Khwilare, Murende Highlanders, Mabale United, Bumala Allstars, Simuli Youths and Teens of Hope.

Aboloi, Akobwait,  Kabkara, Lwanyange,  Khwilare, Murende Highlanders, Bumala All Stars and Simuli Youths are making their maiden participation in the league that enters its third year.

In zone A on Saturday, Musokoto will take on Kamolo at Musokoto Primary School with Eugene Okello Omudek aka AFOBE10 who emerged top scorer inn 2020/2021 season with 19 goals expected to lead Kamolo’s attack.

Machakusi will take on Kabkara at Machakusi Primary School. On Sunday, Akobwait will host Katelenyang at Changara Primary School. Aboloi will clash with Kiriko at Aboloi Primary School with Kekalet clashing with Kamuriai at Kekalet Primary School.

In Zone B on Saturday, Khwilare will host Murende Highlanders at Khwilare Primary School with Labour taking on Simuli Youths at Ganjala Primary School.

On Sunday, Nasewa will take on Bumala Allstars at Nasewa Primary School.  Young Tigers will take on Mabale United at Namboboto Primary School with Lwanyange clashing with Teens of Hope at Lwanyange Primary School.Both matches will Kick off at 1:00pm.

Busia County boasts of seven clubs participating in Western Regional League. They include Obucuun Border FC, Young Rovers, Asing’e, HOHA, Busia Ajax, Califonia and Muungano.

Those featuring in Division Two League include Marenga Warriors, Malaba Giants and Opet FC with Mayenje Santos taking part in Division One League.

By Absalom Namwalo


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