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State offers Relief to Kajiado North residents

Kajiado North residents have received an assortment of relief supplies from the government to cushion vulnerable families against the current drought.

Area MP Onesmus Ngogoyo who was present during the distribution stated that they will make sure that needy members of the society were given priority in the exercise.

“We are thankful to our government and the president for giving us relief food. The food is not a lot but it’s enough to give to a few people that need it the most. Although drought has affected everyone, there are those who are more in need than others on the front line for the relief will be for the orphans, the sick, the old, children homes and everyone else who we will feel is in need. “Said Onesmus Ngogoyo.

Ngogoyo also stated that they plan to feed 200 families in each Kajiado North sub location, and appealed to everyone giving relief to also consider those in urban areas because other than drought hitting the rural areas, it has also hit the urban areas where most people are surviving without jobs or a steady means of income.

He further encouraged everyone to be their neighbour’s keeper and to help when they have more than enough.

The Kajiado North Deputy County Commissioner Patrick Mwangi who was also present for the distribution of the relief food noted that they were fair on how they chose the residents to give the food, adding that the chiefs profiled all the residents and picked the most urgent cases.

“We received 500 bags of rice 50 kilograms each and 560 bags of beans 50 kilograms each as well and afterwards had a meeting with the sub county steering committee led by the national government administration, county government office of the MP and all the stakeholders and came up with a plan on how to distribute the food” he said.

He said every sub location will get 20 bags of beans and 15 bags of rice with hope that the food will only go to more deserving residents. We know that everyone is in need but urged the chiefs to profile and give the food to the neediest.

By Zainabu Kitayiet

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