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Kajiado County unveils 2020-2030 Spatial Plan

Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), in partnership with Kajiado County Government, launched on Thursday the County’s spatial plan, which will see the county set aside spaces for human, wildlife and livestock settlement, agricultural activities and modern modulated pastoralism.

The area governor, Joseph Ole Lenku, who led the launch of the spatial plan, revealed that the plan will guide residents, investors and new settlers on where to build industries, houses, rentals and tourism sites, as well as where to carry out agriculture and livestock rearing.

“The Key benefit of this spatial plan is that it will set aside places for people to generate food and rear livestock as this is a livestock paradise, which will enable modern modulated pastoralism. We urge investors and other settlers outside Kajiado planning to settle and invest in the County to abide by the county’s spatial plan; if they fail to do so, they will face the law,” Lenku said.

Lenku added that scattered settlements make the county’s development difficult and strenuous for the national government to reach every individual and offer services.

“We will move away from 50 by 100 plots to 100 by 100 plots, which will be able to offer green spaces in each household because we want every household to have spaces for greenery. We will be approving all your plots to ensure that you have green spaces,” Lenku echoed.

On his part, Kajiado Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho thanked the development partners, Food and Agriculture Organisation, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and their consultant senator Lenny Kivuti, for fulfilling the county’s spatial plan.

“Organisations like FAO, whose main interests are food security and agriculture, are certain that in our plan, food security is going to be realised in Kajiado. I want to thank you for your vision and agenda, as they totally match our Governor’s agenda,” said Moshisho.

Kajiado North Onesmus Ngogoyo, a Member of Parliament, expressed support for the spatial plan, saying it will help separate the areas of agriculture and urban development.

“We identify ourselves with livestock, and the plan will improve it. Urban planning will help us have places for dumpsites and sewerage and liveable towns where we will be able to supply amenities to the people easily,’’ added Ngogoyo.

Kajiado County Executive Committee Member for Lands, Hamilton Perseina, said that the spatial plan that has been launched has everything that the county needs.

“When you speak about the spatial plan, everything is reflected in this plan. It is what the Bible is for Christians; the Quran is for Muslims; whatever you require as a country is there,” Parseina echoed.

The spatial plan, which was forwarded to the Kajiado County Executive on March 1, 2023, by the County Executive Committee (CEC) of Lands and Physical Planning, is a ten-year plan that will provide special guidelines for development in the county.

By Kiiru Mwaniki and Seline Nyangere

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