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Kajiado residents benefit from water project

Residents of Ol donyo Sampu area in Kajiado County have finally waved goodbye to perennial water problems that have bedeviled them for years.

This is after the National Government, through Tanathi Water Works Development Agency, commissioned a borehole in the area at a cost of sh. 6 million.

The borehole, which will serve over 500 households and 3000 livestock comes as a great relief to residents who previously used to walk for over 20 kilometers in search of the commodity.

Josephine Kelipa, one of the locals, revealed that she used to wake up very early in the morning and walk 20 kilometers to the nearest seasonal river with a baby strapped on her back, to fetch water for domestic use.

Kelipa said the construction of the borehole was a huge relief to them as they will no longer waste time walking for miles in search of water.

“I am very happy that I no longer have to walk for kilometers to fetch water for domestic use and for my livestock. This borehole has really saved us time spent in search of water,” said Kelipa.

Esther Sankale revealed that the borehole was a blessing because she had even started a kitchen garden that will help feed her family. Sankale urged other women to start small kitchen gardens as irrigation was now a possibility.

“Apart from using the water for domestic use, we are now able to plant vegetables in our kitchen gardens to help feed our families,” she added.

John Kipakoi, a village elder, echoed Sankale’s sentiments, adding that the locals had suffered for years especially during the dry season when many seasonal rivers dry up completely.

Kipakoi said many boys who are culturally tasked with herding livestock had dropped out of school as they had to walk with the animals for many kilometers in search of water.

The village elder said residents could now concentrate on other income generating activities as water had been channeled near their homes thus saving on time previously wasted in search of the commodity.

Kipakoi called on the community to take advantage of the steady supply of water and engage in farming activities which can generate an income for them and ensure that they are food secure.

The borehole, which was handed over to the community by Tanathi, is connected with solar panels to aid in pumping of water to the storage tanks so as to cut electricity costs.

It has a water kiosk, two troughs for livestock use and an ablution block for use by farmers. Locals pay a monthly fee of only Sh20 to cater for maintenance.

By Rop Janet

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